Camilo Carreno

Issue: Exposed

Camilo was born in Bogota, Colombia, where he studied visual arts; he currently lives in Chicago.

While Camilo studied art and paints and draws by night, for the past 10 years he's worked in IT as a quality assurance engineer by day. He has previously shared his art for exhibitions in Bogota and in Chicago.

His work and interests embody the human figure and portraiture, in a day and age in which we interact more virtually than physically.

"I feel it’s very important to observe the people around me, the ones in my inner circle and those who inhabit this world with me. I strongly feel that drawing people’s faces helps me connect with them on a more personal level, and understand what makes each person unique, their features, their gestures. I personally think that every wrinkle and gesture in our faces tell the story of our lives, our joys, sorrows, struggles; all of the things we’ve had to go through are visible in our faces, like a map. In this way I feel more like a cartographer who tries to map out this huge archipielago that is humanity."

He is responsible for creative direction for Issue #2, Exposed
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