LJ Policies

Privacy & All That Jazz

We respect your privacy and honor any personal information you give us by only using it for what it’s intended for. We never sell any information you provide us and frankly, anything you share is just between us. Read our full privacy policy.


Lucky Jefferson does not offer exchanges or returns.

Shipping Policies

We do our best to ensure you get your order in a timely fashion!

Typically after initial production of an issue is completed, it takes about 7-20 days to reach us and another 3-4 days for us to begin shipment. If the issue you desire is already printed, we ship your items in 1-3 days after initial receipt of the order. Shipment times vary based on a number of factors including what time we hand over your order to our trusted courier or where in the world you reside. You might receive your order in a matter of days or in about 13 days or less.

Due to COVID and other strange events, delivery times have increased and hold-ups are more frequent. In the event an order is lost or can’t seem to find its new home, we are happy to offer a partial refund or complimentary copies (depending on the size of the order). Should your order magically wind up back in our hands, we can work with you to reship it.

For all other orders that arrive on time and find their way to you, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Unfortunately, as of August 9, 2020, we have paused our shipment of complimentary issues for international authors accepted in future print issues. We are happy to provide a digital copy of the issue in which your accepted work was included.

As of November 1, 2021, we have paused shipments internationally—indefinitely—due to rising shipping costs and supply chain delays.

We thank you for your patience and kindness in advance!

For questions about shipping, tracking, or order details, please email luckyjeffersonlit@gmail.com.

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