How To Submit

Lucky Jefferson accepts sub­mis­sions of unpub­lished poetry and flash fiction on sub­jects relating to the current theme or collection.

When submitting:

• Send no more than three poems in a submission. Poems should be separated by titles or page breaks.
• Flash fiction should not exceed any more than 1000 words (Microfiction is what’s up).
• Include your name, email address, current mailing address, and bio (third-person, 50 words max) in your cover letter. Get creative, don’t bore us with the same bio you share with everyone else. 
• Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please let us know if we can’t publish something okay? Cause we catch feelings fast.

We do not accept translations or work that has been previously published in print or online. 

Black, Indigenous, and people of color identifying writers are encouraged to submit as we continue to prioritize these communities in our ongoing work.

Please absolutely no sexually explicit poems or works highlighting extreme violence, racism, antisemitism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, insta poems or love poems. We’re hopeless romantics, but we’re not interested in printing romance unless it’s a unique perspective.

To keep this ship sailing, we charge a modest fee for print submissions. Any other type of submission is normally free. We’re sure you’ve read this before, but any money earned fuels the publication of Lucky Jefferson (production ain’t cheap!), tech, and creative programs. While we are a rapidly growing independent journal and take pride in engaging with our community, we still entertain an all-volunteer staff, so please be patient and kind. If you need it, we do provide financial assistance through early bird submissions—learn more here.

Accepted authors (print): will receive one free copy of the issue.

Accepted authors (digital): will receive access to the digital issue.

All accepted authors (print and digital): will be eligible for social media press.

*Please note that due to COVID, we have paused the shipment of complimentary print issues to selected authors who are located internationally.*

To keep things fair, previously accepted poets/writers should wait 2 quarters, or two issues, from the time of acceptance, before submitting new work to any open call. If you were just accepted, please don’t send us new work in a fit a passion—wait two whole seasons (i.e. if you were accepted in a spring issue, send new work in the winter, etc.). Otherwise, you’ll be on the receiving end of a whole socket full of side-eye and judgement.

We ask for exclusive first worldwide print and electronic rights for up to three months from the date of publication and non-exclusive rights to include published works in our archive indefinitely. Basically, we’d like to be the first to publish your submission and after three months, you’re free to redistribute it how you’d like. Nevertheless, it’ll be a part of our collection forever.

If your work is forthcoming in a manuscript, or published somewhere else (online or print) after publication in Lucky Jefferson, you agree to give credit to your family at Lucky Jefferson.

If your work does not find a home at Lucky Jefferson, we ask that you wait 3 months, from the date of your original submission, before submitting new work. Spam submissions will not be tolerated.


Upcoming Print Issues


After four enthralling issues, we are turning a new leaf and ending our first arc of collective poems and flash fiction with our upcoming fifth issue, Meliora! Submissions for this winter 2020 issue should bend the rules and challenge form; submissions should speak to the raw, healing nature of owning one’s truth, new beginnings, or the concept of ever better.

What does Meliora mean to you?

For this celebratory issue, we are interested in unpublished experimentalvisual/concrete, and hybrid poetry; we tend to adore shorter poems (less than 18 lines in length).

​​Early Bird Submissions (free): October 1 – October 31

Last Call Submissions ($2)
: November 1 – November 30

Accepted Writers Announced: December 13, 2020

Awake, A Digital Zine

Lucky Jefferson’s digital zine Awake seeks to amplify the experiences and perspectives of Black writers in American society.

The second issue of our digital zine will explore Black culture through cuisine. Send us your most savory and decadent poems, essays, flash fiction, and art on communal dining and foods that inspire your identity and exude blackness.

To submit to Awake, head here.

Issue 2 Deadline: December 1, 2020
Issue 2 Release: December 20, 2020

365 Collection

Missed the submission deadline for an upcoming print issue?

Lucky Jefferson happily accepts unso­licited sub­mis­sions of poetry year-round into its 365 Collection, an all-digital collection of poetry and other writing forms.

Writers looking to be published in future print issues should plan to submit their work during open calls for upcoming issues. ​Next upcoming print issue: Meliora.

To submit to The 365 Collection, head here.

Submissions accepted on a rolling basis
New Poems Release: TBD

Student Submissions

Lucky Jefferson waives any fees for all students (high school, undergraduate, graduate, etc.). Students interested in submitting their work should email us their completed submission here.


For more information please email