Founded in 2018, Lucky Jefferson is a literary journal and trove that confronts the challenges poets face as they seek publication and exposure. Readers can expect literature that highlights refreshing contemporary perspectives and promotes cultural diversity while fostering inclusive creativity.

Lucky Jefferson isn’t your typical literary journal—we generate constructive and interactive conversations around poetry, art, and publishing and redefine the way journals are produced and shared with readers and writers.

We are proud to feature poets who have never been published, marginalized voices, and those who sought to pursue poetry and writing later in life; we enjoy creating space for budding writers to build an audience and confidence in their work. 

You can expect to enjoy our publications quarterly or four times a year. Learn more about us here.

We love hearing your voice:


NaBeela Washington, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Patrese Washington, ​HR Consultant & Literary Reviewer 

Olalekan Dada, ​Multimedia UX Strategist


Daisy Daniel’s, Animation

Literary Illustrator Interns (Fall Cohort)

Andy Hollingworth
Anne Smith
Dahlia Theriault
Katie Michael
Jordyn Flood
Camara Ward
Julia Stadler

Editorial Interns (Fall Cohort)

Brandon McWilliams
Sophia Brill
Morgan McGlone-Smith
Cameron Morsberger
Skye Tarshis

Editorial & Illustrator Intern (Fall)

Ally Landrum