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With support from the City of Beaverton Arts Program, Lucky Jefferson’s Discover Beaverton is the first (of many) community-based anthologies that utilize ekphrastic-style storytelling to capture the brilliance of our everyday communities.

In this publication, you’ll be delighted by poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and art celebrating Beaverton, Oregon’s uniqueness! Writers and artists pay homage to Beaverton and invite those near and far to spark new connections to Beaverton.

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 Lucky Jefferson is excited to introduce the 11 writers and artists of its summer 2023 issue Discover Beaverton.

Rodney Wilder, Beatless in Beaverton
Derek R. Smith, The Crick
Ruth Mota, Summer Blossom
Rhienna Guedry, Crows of the Willamette Valley
Elizabeth Beechwood, Jane Austen in the Beaverton City Library
April Hernandez, Second Home
A.M. Arndt, Home to Nest
Katie Briggs, Thursdays at Ex Novo
Kate Tomich, Hidden Things
Andria Lishka, Farmers Market Fantasy
Marie Queen, High Tea Under the Dirigible Take 1 & 2 (Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium)

My experience of Beaverton is but one of many. Within the pages of this anthology, you are invited to step into the perspectives of some of the city’s local writers and artists, or those who have a connection with our community, to immerse yourself in the sites, landmarks, and businesses that give my hometown its many complex layers. This is no invisible city. I am no Marco Polo. You needn’t journey far for this adventure of discovery. You need only turn the page…”

— Katherine Quevedo, Guest Editor

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