Meet the 21 writers of Lucky Jefferson‘s winter 2020 issue, Meliora.

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John Grey
The Leaves Unfettered

David Huntington

J. D. Halcro
Having Two Homes is Having None

Jake Young
Oldest Maze

Nikita Bhardwaj
The Tempest

Sam Caton
A Kindness

Adam Tavel
Child in Memphis

Brandon McWilliams
Autumn Bloom

Yong-Yu Huang
Card Games

Jessica Dionne

Anneysa Gaille
Amazing Graze

Fareh Malik
After 9/11 the War Spilled Into Our Hometowns & Made Us Grow up Too Fast & My Homie’s Sister Don’t Wear Her Hijab No More

Kara Knickerbocker
The One in Which Pain is a Seed I Swallow Whole

creative nonfiction

Kent Jacobson
Wake Up, Mister Charlie

poet features

Cameron Morsberger
April Hernandez

Skye Tarshis
Violence and Healing: “Flintknapping” in Conversation with Aremu Adams Adebisi

chapbook reviews

Morgan McGlone-Smith
A Review of 22 Lunes

Brandon McWilliams
A Review of Romantic Portrait of a Natural Disaster

artist feature

Sophia Brill
A Portrait of Mike Jon

plus select poems from awake [issue 2]

Salam Adejoke
Pepper Soup

Suzanne S. Austin-Hill
Mom’s Fried Corn

Kyrie Mason
YOU GOT ME! Thoughts as I decide to love you (culture)

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