Pepper Soup

Salam Adejoke

My knives shine in different sizes and forms,

I am the God of final chops!

Lay my fish down as I aim for it’s neck,

Heartbeat off in just a switch,

Simmering aroma on mild heat its final resting place,

Onions, pepper, uziza an accessory to your kingship end,

As garlic, crushed ginger swim along with you to rest.

From my nostrils down your presence is felt,

Swimming in hot pepper you send away chills,

Even though dead you still bring bliss,

My body sweat as my tongue burns at the pulse of your impact felt,

At the end I gulped down water to help you land,

Take a swim perhaps in my belly land,

I could feel the jubilation and merriment as they welcome you home.

Salam Adejoke is a Nigerian writer, architect, and poet who loves nature, landscape, and interior design. When she’s not busy playing Scrabble or trying DIYs, she’s painting for fun. She can be reached via email at or Facebook @KingAdejoke or @Olori Salam Adejoke. Pepper soup is a local Nigerian dish of pepper, natural herbs and spices, and any protein of choice

Issue 2

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