about the issue

Sonder brings writers together to generate admiration for the communities around us.

In this tenth issue, we encourage others to write about (or with) the idea that your life is unique to you, just like someone else’s is special to them. When we pause to admire the experiences behind the veil of our friends and lovers, neighbors, and strangers, then, and only then, can we embrace the full fabric of secret moments that shape life itself.  

meet the writers

 Lucky Jefferson is excited to introduce the 23 writers of its fall 2022 issue Sonder.

Sheleen McElhinney

Winslow MacDonald

Tony Hughes

Janson Briggs

LeeAnna Callon

J. M. R. Harrison

Susanna Lang

Steven O. Young Jr. 


Katherine Quevedo 

Dani Putney

Nicelle Davis

Sheila Black

Fiona Perry

Shana Ross

James B. Nicola

Terri McCord 

Eric Vithalani 

Lynn Pattison

Genevieve Kaplan

Juliette Givhan

Ann Keeling

Isabella De Palo Garcia Perez

Everyone is their own protagonist. Poetry is the transitory permeability between writing to understand yourself and to understand everyone else.

— Kyra Jee, Guest Editor

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