Meet the 14 writers of Lucky Jefferson‘s summer 2021 issue, Cookout.

Cookout brings so many joys I experienced as a child out of slumber. From cakewalks, to BBQs, to your end-of-year cookout, I am grateful that authors created a reality that hasn’t existed for many of us in a long time. I am thankful that each of the writers included in this issue dared to step beyond reality and dream; past the bleakness or trauma, many of us have come to know.

Cookout is representative of the many ways we can continue preserving our community—a reminder that we will, one day, be able to come together again.”

— NaBeela Washington, Editor-in-Chief

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Linda McMullen  |  Coleslaw

Annette Gagliardi   | Onion Rye Buns

Cristina Legarda  |  Aioli

Anthony Cordasco  |  Tomato Hornworm

Camille Ferguson  |  Jalapeno Poppers

C. T. Holte  |  Sharp

Erin McDonough  |  Cousins

Robert Beveridge  |  MILK TEETH

Miah Prescod  |  Backyard Jam

Lauren Evans  |  Fish Fry

Maya Lewis  |  Everybody Here

Jared Pearce  |  Dodgeball

Andre Peltier  |  Mexican Slayride: Mark 2

Miranda Rodriguez  |  soon

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