Lucky Jefferson is excited to introduce the 12 cast members of its fall 2021 issue, Aria.

“Each piece within this issue is self-contained and features the singular voice of the playwright, but like an aria in an opera, they are all moving parts that make up a larger work.

When stitched together, these scenes create something whole, something alluring and grand: a theatrical play.”

β€” Abigail Lopez, Guest Editor

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Ninel Nekay

Alejandra Medina

Ashley Baumgartner

Bolu Adeniran

Catie Wiley

Cori Diaz

Donald Loftus

Hyba Ouazzani

Kat Agudo

Katharine Armbrester

Kerry Trautman

Peter Dakutis

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General Admission β€” Pay What You Can β€” Experience the first 2 Acts of Aria! Includes an abridged digital copy of Aria.

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