Meet the 15 poets/composers included in Lucky Jefferson‘s
spring 2021 issue, Riff.

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set list

Anthems of AncestorsJean Fineberg

What Nina Does To Me — Devonae J. Manderson

Trading Fours We Be  — Catherine Lee

Houri Charlene Stegman Moskal

Jeremiah the BullfrogResi Ibañez

Invocations in Eb7#9  — Raphael Jenkins

Improvisation  — Steve Gerson

Sometimes I Shake Too — Katie Manning

Day Thumps Down John Davis

A Backyard Brazilian Birthday Party Lissa Batista

Stolen Time  Robert Walters

Exit Music — Matt Schroeder

Hairbrush Boot Grind  — Katie Kemple

Assassin — Janet Jiahui Wu

Nights at the Court — David Higdon

a “never-ending” poem

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