Ode to Mac and Cheese

Carol Durant

My inquiry for the best cheeses
Will make the congregants
Holla for Jesus
Don’t come near me with the wrong pasta
Big or small elbows only or
Boil in a pan and check al dente
Whole milk only, are you crazy?
Half and Half, flour, bacon fat?
I need a bowl to mix all that
Gruyere, extra sharp Cheddar, please
Salt and pepper with more cheese
In the pan, the goodness goes
350 degrees, cooked low and slow
30 minutes are gone and here it is
Smells so good and piping hot
Nana’s recipe is top-notch
One and two helpings for me
Yes, I am that greedy
Look at me, I’m not shy
Where’s Mama’s sweet potato pie?
Here I sit with fork in hand
Staring at empty plates
Family wants to satiate
I don’t fret, big smile in view
I made another pan for the rest of you

Carol Durant is an award-winning poet, author, playwright. Carol is the founder and host of Outliers Poetry Brunch. Carol’s newest books are How Will I Know It’s Santa and Cold Pressed and Just Brewed Poetry. Her first book, Whole Phat and Gluten Free Poetry was published in 2017.

Issue 2

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