lebret, sask

Bryanne Lane

he gets sick on a wednesday 

hospital brick bears the monday news 

and the body is celebrated

near the crick, saturday service

roving route fifty six

tears of vacation town times

a church lawn pushes out

to the sleeping water of mission lake 

gather               on our blankets

blue denim and cotton shirts                rather

we do not call this a funeral

thirty feet from the church                 to the yard

stonework slate over rooted bodies 

of those who would not

live by Him

could not lay with their ancestors 

under graveyard crags,

but his body won’t lay there

a cousin takes the path

up the hill, across the crosses 

where the saskatoon berries grow

she gathers                sage

her son                      stones

body of the berry bushes

further along

plucked with rough fingers

where we came from

Bryanne Lane is an emerging young writer living in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. A prairie girl at heart, Bryanne enjoys creating poetry and creative non-fiction with a focus on natural landscape, womanhood, and modern sapphic love. She writes for the sake of writing, makes coffee for a paycheque, and bakes pies in the middle of the night because it’s fun.

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