Meet the 36 writers selected for Lucky Jefferson's breakthrough issue.

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Nancy Meyer, Color Myself
Jeff Pearson, Resurrected Dodge Colts
Thomas Bazar, In Memoriam
Jake Chase, Missed Beats
Geoffrey Philp, Oneg Shabbat
Andrew Aulino, A Feral One
Susan Love Brown, The Stranger In My Mirror
Amanda Moody, This Golden Age + Narcissus’ Smile
Samantha Melamed, The Nature of Everything
James McKee, Trust Me, I’ve Done This Before
Benjamin Green, Emptiness & Complexity
Jenine Baines, Don’t Write Me Off
Sharon Scholl, Thoughts and Prayers
Jennifer Lentfer, The Bed
Janet Powers, Connections + Railroad Tracks
Brent White, Home of the Heart
Demree McGhee, In Which Bikini Kill Lets Me Feel Okay With Being An Angry Black Woman
James Kelly, Where do you live? + Easter Sunday Afternoon
Geoffrey Aitken, current amplification factor(y)
Alicia Byrne Keane, Crying af + She moves w a purpose
Jeanine Stevens, Snow Heart
Alan McCall, A Young and Supple Wire
Katheryn Menssen, Hope
Lauren Elaina Childs, Back to The Moon
Ahoefa Ananouko, Church
Mia René, Hazel Heroin(e)
Paul Lunaire, Workingman's Dread
Labrador Inuk Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz, What’s in a name?
Imogen Bylinsky, The Little Sister
Joshua Lipson, Burning + Metamoderna
Aidan Wolff-King, Bleeding Hearts Blooming in the Backyard
Jordyn N. Farrell, The First Time + Summer
Jeff Engelage, A Lonely Fortress
Von Wise, Interview
Cooper Young, The Graveyard with Rusted Gates

flash fiction


Jeffrey Schmidt, Andrew Jackson Greer