S. Michael Kozubek


My brother’s shot!

Before me his blood streams

while the bastard shooter beams.

Lash out, lash out! the lout!



Chill out, brother. Think!

At what a cost

so many lost.

For those you slay

the blood of others dear

too precious a price to pay.


Hurt them. Kill ‘em all!

Their eyes made dim

we’ll sing a hymn.

We soldiers of justice,

stride tall above the law.


Brave hearts,

run for your lives

from this strife.

Resist these fools and ghouls

who upon this deathly shoal

drag you to a hellish hole.

Brothers, turn from this.

Elsewhere find your bliss.

Lay down your guns     

     this circle cease.

Walk a higher path      

    to peace.

S. M. Kozubek is a playwright, poet, author, and retired attorney. He also leads writing workshops. See more at

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