Exposed Poets Announced!

Exposed is a very powerful issue in that it takes the act of testifying and need to tell our individual stories, stories we saw boldly professed in our breakthrough issue Testament, to reveal the hues of our souls—hues that not only capture the light we all experience in this life, but also the darkness of such an experience.

We wanted writers to reach deep within themselves and expose the very depth of these stories, no matter what that looked like. While it’s important to acknowledge the good that encapsulates us all, it’s equally valuable that we not overlook the details that aren’t always so glamorous because, in reality, it’s generally those things that make us the people we are in this very moment.

We’re excited to welcome new poets to Lucky Jefferson and generate even more support for those not as new to the writing community.

Take a peek at some of the poets in this issue here and order Exposed for your own chance to hold these stories in your hands and experience a new kind of journal here.  

We will continue our search for empowering poems in April, as we gear up for our Summer 2020 issue, Labyrinth.

We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we do!

NaBeela Washington, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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