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Testament Poets Announced!

Poets for our breakthrough fall issue, Testament, have officially been announced!

Testament was born out of a need to explore how our stories set us apart and unite us through shared experiences, emotions, and beliefs. We sought to bring poets and writers from around the world together to reverberate their testimonies.

It’s critical that we never forget where we’ve come from and how the paths we navigate in this life ultimately forge unique identities that will transcend the words we put on paper and legacies we forge. 

This first issue is comprised of poets new to Lucky Jefferson, many of which have never been published, an important aspect of the issues we publish. 

Take a peek at some of the poets in this issue here and order Testament for your own chance to hold these stories in your hands and experience a new kind of journal here.  

We plan to return to our on-going search of empowering poems in December, as we gear up for our Spring 2020 issue, Exposed.


NaBeela Washington, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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