Listen to episode 2 of The LJ Pod. Little Jefferson's Reeham Ahmed captivates us with her imagination and early career goals.

E2: Reeham Ahmed

Reeham ‘Mia’ Ahmed is a 10-year-old writer published in Little Jefferson, Lucky Jefferson’s project spotlighting youth ages 9-13. Based in Gurugram, India, she is the author of ‘’Bobo and the Magic Cloak,” a short story about an impatient penguin who lived in a library, spending most of her days reading books. 

Ahmed is part of a young author program in Bangalore, which is what got her into writing. “I like how you can just be free,” she said. “There are no boundaries to writing.”

If Ahmed had a magic cloak, she would want it to take her to the Maldives – somewhere she’s been wanting to go for a long time. 

Ahmed is currently writing chapters for another story. “This girl – this famous person – is writing in her diary, and I’m taking chunks of what is really happening in my life but putting it in someone else’s shoes and changing it up a bit,” she said. She even has given herself a deadline for the end of May. 

She said she doesn’t think she can give advice to other writers – “It’s your free will and not really any boundary.”

When Ahmed grows up, there are three things she wants to be: A therapist, an author, and a Youtuber. “I want to work altogether.”

With her books, she hopes to “make people feel happy and just help them out with their problems.” 

Keep an eye out for more work from Mia Ahmed!

This episode was produced by NaBeela Washington. It was edited by Paige Wynn. Joined by co-host Victoria Mione.

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