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Our Power, Issue 3 of Awake, presents works that prevail over the undercurrents of trauma that remain deeply embedded in the fabric of our history, and stories. The poems and art in this issue embrace and magnify the persistence, strength, and power of our people through text, form, and structure.

Featured Poets & Artists:

Andrés Amitai Wilson / NitaJade

Matthew E. Henry / Edythe Rodriguez

Timi Sanni / Jorrell Watkins / Alicia Saadi

“In a culture that has and continues in its attempt to strip so much of our existence, identity, and essence, our power has proved resilient. This issue acknowledges this reality, embraces that fortitude of stamina in existing as we are – in embracing our power. ”

Morgan Christie, Guest Editor

<strong>Mike Jon</strong>
Mike Jon

Mike Jon is the genius behind the creative direction and video cover for this issue. An eye for the unusual, a passion to explore avenues less traveled, and the desire to create images that resonate with emotion, are what drive this Baltimore-based photographer.

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