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Odyssey, Issue 4 of Awake, illustrates the power of Blackness through sci-fi. Included works transport readers to a reality in which a Black captain receives clearance for their own expedition to the Outer Ring.

After launch, they plummet kilometers off course, awakening to a bustling world of inhabitants that reflect their own culture. Read on to learn if they decide to return home or explore the planet and begin a new life.

Featured Captains:

Christina Dixie / A.Z. Louise

Cris Eli Blak / Nnadi Samuel

Maz Hedgehog / Maya C. James / Nicole D. Sconiers

In historically white-dominated genres like science fiction, any kind of positive representation that we can get and create for ourselves is important.

As a community, we need the role models that Black characters in science fiction can provide, and we have the power to make sure that they aren’t the characters who die first but the ones who prosper.”

Melanie Hucklebridge, Guest Editor

<strong>Mike Jon</strong>
Mike Jon

Mike Jon is the genius behind the creative direction and video cover for this issue. An eye for the unusual, a passion to explore avenues less traveled, and the desire to create images that resonate with emotion, are what drive this Baltimore-based photographer.

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