Lucky Jefferson announces its 2021 Pushcart Prize nominees.

Lucky Jefferson is excited to announce its 2021 Pushcart Prize nominees:⁣


Raphael Jenkins

Invocations in Eb7#9”⁣ — Riff

Raphael prefers to go by Ralph, as he feels it suits him better. He, like Issa Rae, is rooting for everybody Black. His work has been featured on his mama’s fridge, his close friends’ inboxes, Hobart, HASH and, 3 Elements Review. Forthcoming in Frontier Poetry and Flypaper Lit.

Fun Fact: “Locomotion” by John Coltrane inspires Jenkins’s work.

Nnadi Samuel

A Boy ago”⁣ — Awake, Issue 4

Nnadi Samuel (he/him/his) is a black writer and graduate of English & literature from the University of Benin. His works have been previously published/forthcoming in Fantasy Magazine, Uncanny Magazine, Star*Line Fiction Poetry & elsewhere. He is the author of “Reopening of Wounds”. He tweets @Samuelsamba10.

Fun Fact: Samuel’s favorite sci-fi movie is Interstellar

Cristina Legarda
Aioli” — Cookout

Cristina Legarda was born in the Philippines and spent her early childhood there before moving to Bethesda, Maryland. She is now a practicing physician in Boston. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in America magazine, Diaspora Baby Blues, Dappled Things, Plainsongs, and FOLIO.

Fun Fact: A food that inspires Legarda’s work is Green mangoes with bagoong

Ayobami Adesina

21 /with loneliness”⁣ — 365 Collection

Ayobami Adesina is a closing student of social work at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He resides in an isolated apartment where he laughs all day at memes on Twitter via @aiadesina.

Christina Dixie

Keep the Porch Light On”  — Awake, Issue 4

 Christina Dixie is a dreamer, a writer, who is always in awe with a pink sky. She was a contributor for Sonku Collective, Gumbo and Soul, (Digital) Eve Poetry literary magazines–each published her poetry. She has a BA degree in English with a minor in Humanities from UCF.

Fun Fact: When asked why she felt representation in sci-fi movies matters Dixie shared, “Representation in Sci-Fi movies matter. More representation give acknowledgments to our community–giving us the opportunity to not experience erasure.”

Lynette Ng

what to do with all the strawberries” — 365 Collection

Lynette Ng is a union shop steward at her workplace. She enjoys picket lines, public libraries, and hearty plates of pasta. She has no interest in the low-carb lifestyle. Originally from Malaysia, Lynette now lives near Boston, Massachusetts, and will continue staying there if the powers-that-be bring back rent control.

We are honored to have such moving writing included in our publication and champion new and emerging voices across a spectrum of communities. Enjoy each author’s work and help us celebrate them and spread the good news!⁣

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